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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Tim and I had ONE day off this past week and we spent the first half in Kalapana. This website has a lot of great information about the flow in the late 80's and early 90's that took over Kalapana. If you have time, I really recommend google imaging 'Kalapana', there are some serious nutty photos of the destruction. Kalapana is super East Big Island, this is where 'virgin air' is known to be, air that has traveled for so long that it is 'new' and the cleanest in the world.
On our way to Kalapana we stopped at the painted church which was pulled from its foundation in the 90's when it was in the path of the lava flow. The church sat on the side of a road for years and then it found its new home basically in the middle of no where.
Outside of this church are some seriously aggressive wasps... I almost died... fo realz.

 Pretending to listen to a sermon...

The second half of the day was spent watching UH's performance of Hairspray! It was great, I LOVE that Tim will willingly and happily see theatre with me... and he loves it. We're a match made in heaven!


  1. Wow that place is crazy pretty. It reminds me of the California mission churches. I love the picture of TIm praying- lolz. Hairspray toured through here and I'm *still* mad that we didn't go. =(
    Have you seen this blog? I was reading it the other day and thought of you.
    You guys are still coming, right? Do you have a date/weekish? Julie asks nonstop. =) I told her I think the beginning/middle of June? Also, do you want a birthday party? There are people here who are totally down to throw you a party if you want one. Which you should. Because it would be crazy fun. But we'd need a date soon...

  2. Yes of course we're still coming!!! We should be in Humboldt no later than June 14th or so. I think Samantha is doing a bday thing for Tim and I... not sure though...

    And that blog is hilarious!!!!!!!!

  3. When are you ever going to update this site??

  4. When are you ever going to update this blog?


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