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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming to Hawaii??

So I found this the other day on Pinterest and I gotta couple of things to say about it:

(Don't) Buy in Hawaii: Why is this a category? (Although I do suggest you buy sunscreen here, especially if you're not checking a bag). Does anyone realize how expensive normal items are here? While you can get flip flops at any gas station here for about $3, they are uncomfortable, cheap, and bulky. You don't need a mat AND a towel. And use the hotels towel, duh.

I giggled at the box to bring 'family and friends'. Hey, I went to Hawaii once by myself before I moved here and it was AWESOME.

You don't need aloe gel if you're wearing sunscreen (which you SHOULD because we are dang close to the equator, and did you know that the closer you are to the equator, the faster you burn AND the faster you lose whatever 'tan' you get while you're here???!! Sheesh)

Beach bag/bacpack?? Again, don't buy that here.

I do agree with the rentals, that's just obvious. BUT, don't rent from hotels, they charge like crazy. You'll find little huts on beaches or just locals that will rent their equipment super cheap.

Just don't bring a checked bag. Just don't. I said DON'T!!!!!!

As far as shoes go: ONE pair of sandals and ONE pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes. 

Accessories? You won't be wanting these. 

Put that 'life vest' under rentals.

100% Hawaiian coffee? You can find that on the mainland at any Walmart (along with the mac nuts) AND they're both cheaper there.

They forgot camera charger.

If you really want to buy Aloha wear while you're here, go to the Goodwill. They have ROWS AND ROWS of really nice Aloha shirts in really great condition. Besides, would you rather spend $70 on a new, mass produced, cheaply made shirt from Hilo Hatties, or spend $5 on a vintage silk aloha shirt from Tommy Bahamas? Your choice.

okay, I'm done.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A health post, SAY WHAT??!!

If you've known me for a long time, you know that I used to live off pasta roni and Domino's pizza. No lies, like literally Domino's three times a week and pasta roni the other four. My sister once decorated my porch with pasta roni boxes and noodles for my birthday. So for a lot of my friends that haven't been near in the last few years (because I had to go and moves a million miles away), it might come as a surprise that I eat VERY healthy these days. I don't know how it happened.. never saw it coming that's for sure. 

Clean eating has most certainly become a lifestyle for me. In fact, I'm officially down 15 pounds since last year simply from eating well, working out and drinking lots of lemon water. I LOOOOOOVE going to the outdoor farmers markets here and if I were to move away, I think I'd have some serious withdrawals.

You can find green papaya salads at almost any restaurant here. My favorite Pho place does the best one hands down. It's a recipe I've been wanting to try for a long time, but Asian food can be intimidating. But alas, I tried it. AND loved it!!!! It was so easy:
-Grate a green papaya
-Mix in fresh chopped basil and crushed peanuts
-For the dressing, mix one tablespoon fish sauce, one tablespoon lime juice, and two teaspoons sugar. BAM.

Tim brought home these beautiful hydroponic tomato plants last week from the farm. Love him.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that this past Monday I began a three week Gluten-free experiment. I've had a hunch for a LONG time that I have a gluten allergy. I was tested with wheat but that came back fine. I've been reading a lot about it lately, and for some people, a gluten allergy can show up as simply being tired and feeling 'blah'. So I'm trying it out and seeing what happens. I'm on day 3 today. I've already been dreaming about what I'm going to eat after these three weeks are up when I introduce gluten back into my system... mmmmm, pasta.... garlic bread...

Anyway, these lara bars are BOMB!!!! I've always been a cliff bar girl, but after one lara bar, I'm converted. Every ingredient is clean and pronounceable.

This gluten free KIND granola is also reeeaaaally good. But I'm now really inspired to make my own after this bag is gone. I think it will be really easy and I have a ton of fresh coconut that needs to get used. 

Any good gluten free products out there that you all love? I'd really like to hear about them!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More randoms...

Cuz I'm not done yet.

This happened this week. We were parked in this little alley way going to my favorite Pho restaurant when I absent mindedly opened the door and WHAM! Took this ladies mirror right off. Fortunately, our car just has a little dent in it, but that didn't stop Tim from nearly crying... (his car is his baby).. Hey, on the bright side, we still got Pho!

And then this happened! We had our Rocky Horror cast party and afterwards, went to Coconut Island for a huge water balloon fight. By the way, I had balloons stuffed in my bra, I did not get implants. Just in case you were wondering.

My view every night for the last week while stage managing "Haunt". Those dancers are amazing.

We were so hard core during Rocky Horror rehearsals that one of our chorus dancers pulled his shoulder out of the socket. Daaaaaaang.

aaaaaand, starting to get super excited to take these kiddos to Oahu next month for Special Olympics!!!! We had our first game a few weekends ago in Kona, and it was SOOOOOOO FUN. I had no idea I would have so much fun coaching and cheering them on. Good group of kids, these kids.

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