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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming to Hawaii??

So I found this the other day on Pinterest and I gotta couple of things to say about it:

(Don't) Buy in Hawaii: Why is this a category? (Although I do suggest you buy sunscreen here, especially if you're not checking a bag). Does anyone realize how expensive normal items are here? While you can get flip flops at any gas station here for about $3, they are uncomfortable, cheap, and bulky. You don't need a mat AND a towel. And use the hotels towel, duh.

I giggled at the box to bring 'family and friends'. Hey, I went to Hawaii once by myself before I moved here and it was AWESOME.

You don't need aloe gel if you're wearing sunscreen (which you SHOULD because we are dang close to the equator, and did you know that the closer you are to the equator, the faster you burn AND the faster you lose whatever 'tan' you get while you're here???!! Sheesh)

Beach bag/bacpack?? Again, don't buy that here.

I do agree with the rentals, that's just obvious. BUT, don't rent from hotels, they charge like crazy. You'll find little huts on beaches or just locals that will rent their equipment super cheap.

Just don't bring a checked bag. Just don't. I said DON'T!!!!!!

As far as shoes go: ONE pair of sandals and ONE pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes. 

Accessories? You won't be wanting these. 

Put that 'life vest' under rentals.

100% Hawaiian coffee? You can find that on the mainland at any Walmart (along with the mac nuts) AND they're both cheaper there.

They forgot camera charger.

If you really want to buy Aloha wear while you're here, go to the Goodwill. They have ROWS AND ROWS of really nice Aloha shirts in really great condition. Besides, would you rather spend $70 on a new, mass produced, cheaply made shirt from Hilo Hatties, or spend $5 on a vintage silk aloha shirt from Tommy Bahamas? Your choice.

okay, I'm done.


  1. They could seriously cross off 1/4 of this list and replace it with "phone."

  2. Ooh my comment got published without a review!!! So tempted to write inappropriate things... must... restrain... PENIS


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