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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More randoms...

Cuz I'm not done yet.

This happened this week. We were parked in this little alley way going to my favorite Pho restaurant when I absent mindedly opened the door and WHAM! Took this ladies mirror right off. Fortunately, our car just has a little dent in it, but that didn't stop Tim from nearly crying... (his car is his baby).. Hey, on the bright side, we still got Pho!

And then this happened! We had our Rocky Horror cast party and afterwards, went to Coconut Island for a huge water balloon fight. By the way, I had balloons stuffed in my bra, I did not get implants. Just in case you were wondering.

My view every night for the last week while stage managing "Haunt". Those dancers are amazing.

We were so hard core during Rocky Horror rehearsals that one of our chorus dancers pulled his shoulder out of the socket. Daaaaaaang.

aaaaaand, starting to get super excited to take these kiddos to Oahu next month for Special Olympics!!!! We had our first game a few weekends ago in Kona, and it was SOOOOOOO FUN. I had no idea I would have so much fun coaching and cheering them on. Good group of kids, these kids.

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  1. That is so crazy about that guy's arm!!! I'm so bummmmmed we can't see your shows. Stupid sick Binka. Who I love. Never die Binka. EVER.
    Coconut Island seems like the best place to have a water balloon fight EVER.


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