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Monday, May 28, 2012

Edmonson sisters Part 1

 Nickie and Denny came to visit last week!!!! First stop: Kikaua Beach!

Denny is pretty awesome at playing the Uke and taught Tim, aka Wolverine in this picture how to play better.
 Nickie being attacked by fish in the hot ponds

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  1. 1. I just saw Denny last night. It's weird that you live there and I live here and we both saw the same person in the same week.

    2. I have that same blue Calvin Klein dress. It's the most comfy dress I own and I love it so much but no matter how I wear it the boys all call me ma'am when I do. =( So far the best Iook I've come up with is a studded belt worn empire style but Nate says, "nope, still matronly." Maybe I should try wearing a lei with it...


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