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Monday, August 13, 2012

Oye, I know, I know!!

Okay Darc and MOM.... SUPER PICTURE HEAVY. I know it's been forever since I've updated. When I'm not in school, I don't have easy access to internet. But alas, school is starting again!!! Woo...? And I'm proud to report that Tim will be my school mate! Here are some (a lot) of the high lights from our AMAZING trip back to the mainland.

Rich and Amy's house in Alexandria, VA was our first stop. We had a blast seeing all of the monuments and eating CRAZY yummy dinners every night!! (I'm still waiting for that pork chop recipe Rich!)

 Moose lodge, Rich snuck us in.

 2nd stop: Nana's house!!! Pat and Guss were so much fun to meet, as was staying in Amy's old room, which is where I found this ADORABLE baby picture of Tim....

I can't find the pictures I took in Boston and Marblehead when we went to visit Torrey. I think they're on my phone, so.. um.... IT WAS A BLAST THOUGH!!! (can anyone tell I'm in a hurry?)

 Back across the US and into the Redwood Curtain!!!!! How I missed these giants...

 Tim REALLY liked to pretend he was an American Ninja Warrior on this trip.

 First stop in Eureka? Why, Oberon of course!!!!

 Oyster Fest 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, no one threw up this time!!!!!!

 One of my favorite past times in Eureka: playing board games all night at Shelly's house. Rachelle and Nate gave us such a comfy room, we seriously did not want to leave.

 River day with Samantha and David.

 April took us all to play laser tag on my birthday, and Julie and Tim played a little Dance Dance Revolution.

 Svea, at my Kyoto birthday dinner!!

 The night Rachelle and I realized we both keep our digital cameras in black sports socks. Hmmm, sisters???

 Rachelle and Nates birthday gift to Tim.

 Tim and I at Samantha's FUNKY party.

 Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young museum in SF.

K, that's the first batch of photos. I will try and post more soon!!!!!!

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  1. HAHAHAHA baby Tim! It's funny how people carried their babies around in hampers in the 80's...

    1. We got a new mattress for that room YESTERDAY. A really nice one. You guys should come try it out.
    2. That sock thing is still hilarious.
    3. That's all I got.
    4. No, wait, post MORE KITTY PICS!


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