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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hallows Eve... and a cute puppy.

 Our friends, Paula and Daniel adopted the CUTEST puppy ever!!! Her name is Cici, she's a retriever/lab.

 These pictures are from last month when we snuck pumpkin carving into my one day off. I made quiches for the first time which turned out pretty well except I burnt the crust.
 Boy quiche-bacon, sausage, TONS of cheese, and green peppers.
 Girl quiche- every veg you can think of (and way better than boy quiche).
Um..not even close- Tim
 I want.

 My super awesome Spiderman pumpkin!!

 Daniels scary face pumpkin.

 Tim's pumpkin!

 And, we can't forget about Paula's barfy pumpkin!

 Cici and Pawpaw, friends forever.

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  1. Yah, yours looks way better- sorry Tim. Also OMG PUPPY! That elephant looks pretty cool too.


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