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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I had to come up with a quick costume as I worked Halloween at the restaurant and didn't want to be the only one not dressed up.. (turns out, only two of us even took the effort)... so what to do when you have NO time, but a cool red bandana?! Become Rosey of course! And I was only called a 50's housewife once! Hurrah!
I'm assigned to do makeup for one of the actors for UH Hilo's fall production of "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" which opens tomorrow night.  After I get Miss Beckie all glamed up, Tim and I will sit front and center to watch. This play is great and the cast is FANTASTIC. So much talent, I'm super excited. Also, we have to go to the symphony (I totally said that in a snobby voice), because I have to write a paper about the performance for my Music Lit class. 

Want the WORLDS BEST TOMATO SOUP RECIPE EVER??!!!!! Like, FOR REALZ though... I've been obsessed with this girls blog since I found it a couple of weeks ago. I hunkered down and started from the beginning and it took me just over a week to catch up to present day. She has some amazing recipes, but when I found this soup recipe, Tim and I tried it THAT NIGHT. Oh my god, I've never tasted better soup in my life... we will seriously be making this once a week till we die, no joke. 

And because Rachelle wants more kitty pictures, I decided to show the punk side to this monster cat. I can't walk across the room without her jumping out from no where and attacking me. Literally, I will have to walk with her attached to my ankles. I have many, many cuts... water gun is no help, she's all about the feet. Brat.

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  1. The BEST part about having a kitten is living in content fear of being pounced. I fondly remember laying in bed miserable, having to get up to pee but holding it for hours because I didn't want to get pounced in the dark. Good times. And now I need to see if I have everything to make that soup... it looks amazing.


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