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Monday, December 3, 2012


Most of you probably heard or read about the family that drowned in Big Lagoon last weekend. A wife, her husband, and their teenage son all were swept away while trying to rescue each other. The wife was Mary Scott, a woman I used to do Playback theatre with. I got several phone calls Sunday night from old members of the troupe, and they were all worried about me because Mary and I had a very special bond. Words cannot describe the love this woman had for her family and friends. Her energy was boundless and I am so incredibly lucky for having met her. I cannot imagine what her daughter, Livvy is going through. She was there with her family and was the only survivor (she didn't go into the water, a man at the beach held her back). I can only hope that she has faith in knowing that everything happens for a reason, even though there may not be any sense to it... It's so hard to understand why things happen the way they do, I can only imagine that Heaven surely missed Mary, Howard and Geddie and desperately needed them back. 
I got to see Mary one last time while in Humboldt last summer. Tim and I ran into her at Walgreens and we hugged and hugged. She told me she was on her way to Livvy's graduation. After Tim and I left the store, Tim said that Mary had warm energy.
You can read the obituary here... it is really beautifully written.

We should never take our loved ones for granted, we have no idea when our last goodbye will be. Mom, Timm, Shelly, Donica, Darcy: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We love you sooooo much! You're the best and I'm so grateful for your sensitivity. You are so special to us. Thanks for the reminder to be loving always!
    You make me so proud!
    Mom and Timm

  2. Aww, WE LOVE YOU TOO! It's been a sad week up here. =(

    Also: Nate wants to know why he's not in the list. "And tell her when she revises the list I'd better be the only new person on it. Been here the longest, put up the most crazy Cowan girl bullshit."

    1. Wrong, She'll, I've been the one who's been here the longest and put up with the most crazy Cowan girl bullshit. I win! Lol

  3. Oops, I retread that and realized that was Nate commenting but I still stand by what's said. Lol


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