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Monday, January 14, 2013


This week I learned a very valuable lesson. One I should have learned many years ago, but I guess it's never too late. That lesson is: TO TAKE ONE DAY OFF EACH WEEK. Since moving to Hawaii, Tim and I have never had a day off every week that we could just relax and explore and have fun. (Of course we've had days off though... ya know, when there's a holiday or what not). So, I decided to take off Sundays. BEST DECISION EVER MADE. I was SO happy yesterday. Even though we did chores for most of the day, it was amazing. My house is clean. My cat is happy. My brain feels better. And, we got to see our friends Paula and Daniel. They came over and we made PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!! I've only made pizza once before and it wasn't very good. I googled 'easy pizza dough' and ended up using this recipe from All Recipes. It was super. Best crust. Best pizza. Best day. But no pictures.

But, here's our Christmas card picture that I can post now, since it's January and all.

I was sad that the quote ended up being super tiny when we went to pick them up but other than that I was pleased. 

I know I should have my second Pinterest project done, but I don't. I will do two this week! Booyah.


  1. YAY! Breaks are great! I am much more productive when I force myself to take time out to do whatever I want, nothing even. When I treat myself to breaks and to fun stuff, I have more energy when I am busy pumping the stuff out that I need to and being productive. Its balance. AND you deserve it! You are a hard working babe.

    Oh yeah- working on my blog now! It will be up and running very, very soon!! Love you! XO!

  2. Mmmm.... pizza dough. WAS IT HAWAIIAN PIZZA?!?! If you make it again you should try making it 48 hours ahead. It sounds crazy but the flavor really does improve. I had to do it to believe it (the recipe I use is really similar to that one.)


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