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Friday, August 12, 2011

Broken Toe

                      I made soup for the first time in my life! We got a bunch of yummy things from the outdoor market and I just kinda threw it all in a crock pot. At least someone's eating it!

 Tim bought a breadfruit at the Kona Fruit stand, and while I think the smell of it is HORRID, the fruit itself it very cool. You peal the outside and you're left with what looks like a big ball of pizza dough. The woman at the stand suggested frying it up like a pancake, so Tim did just that. He put butter and lemon juice on it... I still couldn't bring myself to try it though... way too grossed out by the smell.

Poor broken toe :(
Tim took the mat outside to shake, and accidentally kicked a post on the porch. He didn't let it get him down though, he still wanted to walk around downtown. If only he'd let me tape it up!!!
We've been laying kinda low these last couple days, the yurt is just SO comfortable, all we want to do is relax and cook. We finally tried out the hot tub which was fantastic! I didn't think I would like being in 100 degree water when it's 80 outside, but at night (when it's 75 degrees!) it's really peaceful.

Tim's outside right now with his machete doing who knows what. We've bought some starter veggies and seeds so maybe he's picking out a good place to put the garden. He's once again employed by SaltWater and will ship out Sep. 19th for training in Oahu.

We're going to the university today. I originally planned on waiting until the Spring semester to go back to school, but since Tim will be gone for 3-4 weeks at a time, I think now might be a good time to hunker down and focus with little distraction. 

One REALLY weird thing about this place that I keep noticing is the lack of roadkill! In California, you constantly see dead deer, racoons, opossums, foxes, etc... but here there is nothing!! EXCEPT... for the GIANT dead wild boar that got hit on the highway the other day... very strange. 

Until we meet again Blogger Land!

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