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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8.9.11 Volcano/ Kona

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Yesterday was Svea's 2nd birthday! I tried uploading this picture to FB about a hundred times, but the internet we have so far is super slow and wouldn't load. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SVEA!!!!!

Tim... blogging.

We went for a drive and ended up at the Kilauea Volcano. This is the active volcano near our house, the current lava flow is about 30 miles from our house!

Sulfur Vent.

On our drive to Kona, we stopped at South Kona Fruit Stand. They have tons of organic fruits and veggies that they grow on their farm right across the street. Tim LOVES fruit and bought a bunch.

Ali Drive

Tim Before: about to try lilikoi for the first time.


And then: the plant he threw it up in.

Clear, warm water on Kona side

Kona sunset

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