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Monday, August 8, 2011


(Tim) So Nicole loves Wal-mart. We have been here only 6 days but we have gone to Wal-mart 3 times already. Yep, Nicole loves Wal-Mart.

LIES!!! -nicole


  1. I believe Tim. I'm betting:

    Time One: "Let's go check out WalMart for novelty/some kind of toiletries/makeup/magazines."
    Time Two (one day later): More magazines.
    Time Three (the next day or possibly even later the same day) Something legit (sunscreen, towel, bug spray) and another magazine at the checkout. And maybe a string cheese.

  2. nu-uh.
    1. Bug Spray
    2. Food... and candy
    3. Propane... and ice cream

    Not even 1 magazine homes!


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