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Monday, August 8, 2011


Living area

Tim doing dishes.

Our first night in the yurt, I burnt the bottom of the pizza and Tim found a way around that.

Until our catchment of water goes through its cycle, we have to stop at the city water supply and get fresh water for drinking and brushing our teeth. Definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Tim, luckily, brought these head lamps and I'll be using them during the night to go to the outside bathroom. We are literally in the rain forest and it rains A LOT here, especially at night. Last night was our first night sleeping here and it was very strange to have to go outside and get soaked every time to use the restroom. It's very humbling to experience, and I'm realizing how used to 'easy' I am.

The yurt is so much more beautiful than I expected, it's super homey and comfortable. The coqui frogs are so loud and I can't begin to tell you all how many sounds we heard last night while going to sleep, another thing to get used to. Outside is amazingly beautiful and I cannot believe the beauty that is our backyard. There's a pond with koi fish and flowers that are so vibrant, they look fake.

Our neighbors (and landlords) are super nice and easy going, but they hunt the wild boars that roam around. They told us yesterday that they're planning to shoot the mom, baby and dad pigs that destroyed their garden last week and I'm really not looking forward to hearing those gunshots.

(Here's Tim...)

So to start out, this has so far been pretty awesome. The jungle out here is all around us and so alive. We can't even turn the sound on the computer up loud enough for us to hear. But there are also downsides, like $5 for a gallon of milk, $8 for half a gallon of ice cream and gas is $4 something all the time. The eureka police gave my friend a ticket because my car doesn't have to the front license plate on it, but said they would drop it if she put it on. So she puts it on and has a cop sign off on it and now they want to charge her $25 for a transaction fee. How lame. Just one more reason to hate law enforcement- Back to Hawaii though. So eggs are $4 a dozen but the neighbor has hens running around every where and I'm wondering how easy it might be to kidnap a chicken. I know they are hard to catch but it might be worth the trouble. I suppose I could just buy eggs from them though. I'm off to go make a vase of flowers.

Nicole again. Tim just went out the door with a machete my dad gave him, he's in plant paradise.


  1. 1.Your sink looks like a tiki bar- AWESOME!

    2. Rain + bathroom= not having to pay for toilet paper.

    3. Eggs are $6.50 a dozen here. =(

  2. That place is awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And, I LOVE headlamps. Handy. I think I will start carrying mine in my purse. Just in case, ya know? Hugs. Glad you're doing well.


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