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Sunday, August 7, 2011


In just a few hours, we get to move into our place. We are very excited to have our first night in the fantasy suite (We have been watching HOURS of The Bachelorette-Ali's season-since we've been here... Tim is a really good sport).

Friday night we went to 50's and saw my dad's band "Java Jive" play. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming. It's basically a big party there every Friday, and when my dad announced we had just moved here everyone clapped and this old Hawaiian man said 'Welcome to Paradise'.

We went on a walk a few nights ago and came across a man getting water and he just stopped us and put out his hand to Tim and introduced himself- SO DIFFERENT than what we're used to. He gave us our first 'shaka' and we felt really welcomed. We're not used to making eye contact with everyone and waving.

We found our first 'muscle spider'... DON'T LOOK HALEY... they are CREEPY and big and scary and I just about had a heart attack. Then we learned that Cane Spiders get way bigger and way scarier, and they grow to the size of tuna cans. But, we learned that they do more good than harm so I guess we have to learn to love them.

We tried to go to a secret snorkeling spot yesterday but I forgot that the weekends are not recommended to go to because the locals pretty much have the domain, we got a few scary looks and turned around.

It's going to be sad today to leave the kittens and dogs (a horse is walking by the living room window as I type) but it's time to have our own place. Pictures to come soon!!!!


  1. OMG I would back on the plane after the first spider. You guys are brave. LOVE the spam picture. Also Nate says you have to give him .25 every time you use the phrase "nenemonster."

  2. Aaaah, I definitely looked at the spider and cringed! But I guess it's kind of pretty, in a flesh-eating kind of way.

    So happy you guys are moved in! The place looks AMAZING.


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