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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our first few days

We have survived our first few days! Tuesday began at 3am when I had to get up and finish packing. Torrey was kind enough to take us to the airport and see us off. Both mine and Tim's bags were way overweight, but because the computers were down, we BOTH got our $100 bag fee waived. On our first plane ride Tim and I had seats on opposite sides, but to our amazing luck a friend was on the same flight and just happened to have the seat next to Tim and switched with me. In Sacramento we were also on opposite sides of the plane but when we printed our boarding passes, a woman that worked for the airline switched our seats next to one another and gave us more legroom. The rest was easy and ever since landing we have
been sleeping and spending time with the millions of animals at my parents house. They have now acquired 4 dogs, 15 thousand kittens plus the mama, 3 horses, and a rooster that goes crows every morning all morning, I think we'll be having rooster tacos soon. The mosquitos are giant, but Tim is pretty good at killing them for me. We move into our home on Saturday, until then I think we'll keep sleeping and soaking up the beauty.


  1. I appreciate your accuracy in the kitten count. :)

  2. AWW KITTENS!!!! I think they'd look even cuter if they were fixed...


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