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Saturday, September 24, 2011

'Aina kakahiaka

Our Hawaiian Blog has surpassed 500 page views! I'm glad we have a way to all stay connected to our friends and family on both coasts, we miss you all SO MUCH!

Right on schedule, our pig family comes to visit. They seem to like Tim's car :)

Tim had to be at the fish market at 5am a few days ago in Oahu, he sent me these lovely pictures:


Highest Bid


This little guy somehow found his way inside and was VERY hard to catch. He's obviously a trouble maker as you can see he's lost part of his tail in his adventures.

'Aina kakahiaka: Breakfast

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  1. SWEET! 500 page views = $125.00 in .25 NeneMonster royalties for me!

    I like in the video how you guys know to wait for the last pig.


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