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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My life this past weekend has been: work, getting sick, and cooking. I'm obsessed with foodgawker.com, and I found this Parmesan potato recipe there and LOVE it. You can find it here: http://megkat.com/2010/05/parmesan-roasted-potatoes.html

These little red peppers Tim planted are awesome!!!! I picked one and put it in a scramble... exciting, I know :)

My first asparagus in Hawaii... tasted super earthy. 

I've figured out the piggy's schedule: they come around the yurt every morning around 9:30. I awoke today to a gunshot, and was sure the mama was killed, but Nope! I saw her today with her three babies, all happy and cute. The little brown and black one is the grunter of the family, I can always tell when he's outside. I'm restraining from naming them because I know it's just a matter of time before one of the neighbors shoots them :(


Happy you found me! Make sure to include your blog so I can find you too!! Aloha!

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