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Friday, January 6, 2012

Mo'okini Heiau

Over 1500 years old, Mookini Heiau State Monument is one of Hawaii’s oldest and most sacred historical sites. A heiau is an early Hawaiian religious temple, and Mookini Heiau was also a luakini heiau, or a temple of human sacrifice.

The drive to Mo'okini Heiau, you can see Maui in the background.

You seriously feel like you're about to be blown off the cliff.

On our way to see a movie, we loaded up my bag with Fast food and caught this gecko in line.


  1. 1. I love Tim's shirt
    2. Your pictures are bomb. I love them!
    3. Where is that fast food from?
    4. Do you scream when you see geckos? Because I think I would involuntarily shriek the first few times.

  2. Fast food is from Jack in the Box.

    I never scream, I love them!!!! I scream when I see mongooses come out of the bushes, but that's all.


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