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Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas in January

Tim made it back!!! Not in time for Christmas though :(
So, we celebrated late, and it was still great. (That rhymes)

Tim opening his stocking. Hoosier Daddy tee-shirt.

Big Island candy bar, that thing weighed like a pound..

Tim smelling his gift. And for those of you that don't know: There is a company here on the Big Island called Filthy Farmgirl. They are AMAZING. They use all natural ingredients, and they have the funniest labels and names, you can always find them at the open door markets. Tim is a big fan, and I was able to get them to agree to make him his very own soap. They don't usually do orders for just one bar, but they were SO NICE and came up with the most amazing label.

This is Tim looking at the front of the soap... he says "Hey, this kinda looks like me!"

And then I told him, "It is you!"

Thus, how the 'Filthy Timothy' Soap came to be.

My other present to Tim was an art hanging of what my soundwaves look like when I say "I Love You Tim Nock"

Big baby... he cried.

Next came New Years. We spent it at home and ate greasy Chinese food and found a local Pineapple Sparkling Wine. This is Tim's Osama Bin Laden firework. 

We watched my favorite holiday movie: While You Were Sleeping

Who knew fermented pineapple could be so yummy?

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