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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pink Speedo

Happy October! Oh wait, this month is almost over... I feel like it just started. Same story, school is taking over my life but in a good way. I'm super busy directing my two short plays for the play festival. My two casts are fabulous and I couldn't be happier with how it's going. Tim came to the auditions and scored the part of a sculpted man in a bathing suit coming to take a woman away to her death... right? I hope the director puts him in a speedo. A pink speedo.

Our cat now has a name: Lulu. This has been decided after battling thru 'Pat Seyjack', 'Cat Seyjack', 'Cat', Lou, Lew, and then settling on Lulu. Tim likes cutesy pet names, I would have been happy with Lou. But there you have it. Our new family member who hides in odd places and comes barreling out to bite our ankles as we walk by. She's pretty cute though. Most of the time. Oh right-she's a she.

At the moment, we're just waiting for her to finally be 5 pounds so we can douse her in advantage and get her fixed. Tim feeds her and will then weigh her... like she'll magically gain a pound in five minutes. I guess it could happen.

On another note, Tim's garden is doing very well. And I say this based only on the baby bok choy he brought in the other day to cook with. (I still haven't actually walked the 20 feet behind the ginger plants to go look at the garden. Mosquitoes and all.)

And look! Our banana tree is FINALLY making bananas!!! It's taken a year to realize that all it needed was food... our compost that is. Super happy banana bread in our future! Our little jungle is finally giving back, if only we could get those citrus trees to flower... lemons here are crazy expensive and I go through a LOT of them.

This is our friend Lei, she wrote a book. I bought the book. Haven't read the book. But I will!!! She signed it for Tim and I, and I heart her. She is one of those extremely happy local Hawaiian legends that knows everyone everywhere she wanders. 

  Okay, bye.


  1. I accidently swallowed a Gobstopper laughing at Cat Seyjack. That would have been my vote. Lulu is super cute too. And then you won't have to continually correct people with the he/she thing. If you gave her unrestricted access to wet food I bet she'd bulk up QUICK. That's what we did for Binka. She lost two pounds in Feb and put the first pound back on in a month on the all-the-wet-food-you-want-all-the-time diet.

    Is Tim in one of your plays? Was this a casting couch thing? =) I think we're going to need pictures. Lolz at him just happening to get a swimsuit role, hilarious.


  2. Nicole,
    you write such interesting notes. i feel like i am there sharing some of them with you and Tim. sorry you have been so sick. thought hawaii was a place where everyone could stay well. keep writing when you have a chance. love this!!


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