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Monday, October 1, 2012

One act play festival

This came out today which means Tim and I will be CRAZED for the next two months. And I mention Tim because he is my boyfriend which entails his help in every step. I will be directly TWO plays so that's twice the work!!!!!!! I wish my Humboldt friends were here to audition/ see!!!!!!!!!!

Advanced students in the Performing Arts Department will be holding auditions on October 7th and 8th at 7:00 p.m. for a Festival of One Act Plays that will be staged in late November. Auditions will be in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center and no previous experience is necessary.  Many roles are available in the short plays that range in style from contemporary comedies, through cutting-edge romances, and two original works. Copies of the plays can be viewed in the back hall of the Performing Arts Center.  For further information, contact:  jpjohnso@hawaii.edu.


The Boor  - By Anton Chekov - Directed by Brian McMichael
Business turns into a battle-of-the-sexes in this definitive Anton Chekhov one-act classic as an ill-mannered planter tries to collect from a widow deep in mourning. He then, right under the disjointed nose of her footman, proceeds to court her -- rudely.
Boxes – By Wendy MacLeod - Directed by Karla Ahn
A battle of wills in the most mundane of settings; a school administration office run by a woman who has one way, and only one way of doing things until a cocky visiting instructor attempts to disrupt her world.  One male and one female is all that is cast in this short comedy.
Breast Men - Directed by Karla Ahn
Two buddies, one recently broken up with his girlfriend, discover the power of breasts…only problem is, there’s no woman involved. Three males.
Enigma Variations – By David Ives - Directed by Stephen Bond
Bebe visits her psychiatrist Bill, beside herself with a repeating existential problem, and together the four of them try to nail down the nature of reality, the universe, and the sexy assistant Fifi.  Parts: Bill 1, Bill 2, Bebe 1, Bebe 2, Fifi. 
Captive Audience By David Ives -  Directed by Stephen Bond
Rob tries to relax in front of the TV after a long day at work, but his wife Laura wants nothing more than an evening out and tries to free him from the tube's alluring gaze. However, the TV has its own plans...Parts: Rob, Laura, TV Man, TV Woman
Eponine - Directed by Angeline Jara
A drama written by T. James Belich. It's about a homeless teenage girl who is yearning to talk to someone, and for that someone to hopefully not forget that she was ever alive. Before it's too late for her, a stranger crosses her path. All of this happens on a lone bench in the middle of Central Park in New York.
Hum of The Arctic - Directed by Nicole Cowan
Hum of The Arctic is a quiet, haunting story of how one’s life path can change in the smallest of occurrence. A young woman coming into her independence tells the story of how her deaf mother could have chosen a completely different path because of a chance encounter with a stranger and his blue paintbrush.  2 females age 20 and 25, 1 male 35-40
The Lover – By Harold Pinter - Directed by Denyse Woo-Ockerman
The play represents, an archetypal situation in which an ultra-respectable couple act out afternoon fantasies as lover and whore.  The play is both a comment on the staleness of bourgeois marriage and on the need to reconcile out instinctual appetites with our tamed, public, social selves. But what is fascinating is the skill with which Pinter leads us into a triangular jealousy-drama enacted by two people and shows the danger of splitting our sexual lives into watertight compartments.  The Lover is set in the 1960’s in London
Mere Mortals – By David Ives - Directed by Peter Veseskis
Three construction workers on their lunch break.   The play takes place at a construction site on an I-beam 50 stories above the ground in New York City. Virile males aren’t known for readiness to bare their personal secrets to each other, but these guys are unlike that. Their secrets are way out there.  Their disclosures test each other’s capacity to believe, and their ability for one-upmanship. 3 males Charlie, Joe and Frank & 1 female (walk-on) the Wind
The Problem – By A.R. Guerny - Directed by Maggi Aspin
The play is a flirtatious, romantic foray into the marriage of a couple who find themselves in a peculiar position when the wife informs her husband that she is very pregnant, a fact he has not seemed to notice!
On Call – Written and directed by Ethan Souza
Hero, Slasher, and Stereotype muse on the life they lead being on demand for every video game, detective story, romance novel, and horror movie requiring their dire personalities.  How does one manage a normal life when they’re the most popular archetypes around?
Oprah Made Me Do It - Directed by Alston Albarado
A bookstore clerk has the most thrilling checkout of his career when a pushy crass mother refuses to accept that the last copy of a book featured on Oprah’s television show is currently sold out. Personalities clash and fighting ensue as a young shy girl shows up for a reserved copy of that same exact book, leaving the clerk confused in the midst of a battle. This comedy calls for one man and two women.
Recensio: a light and dark show - Directed by Mason Agor
An innovative dramatic play that recounts a couple's turbulent relationship through time. Sammy and Jenny are portrayed as adolescents, young adults, and adults, but not necessarily in that order. Throughout the play, light cues denote instantaneous shifts in age.
The Sandbox – By Edward Albee - Directed by Jin Piper
Written by Edward Albee in 1959,  this play runs about 15 to 20 minutes and needs two females, two males and a musician who is going to play a stringed instrument throughout the play.  This story conveys a message of a dysfunctional family in an absurd way.  Mommy and Daddy dump Grandma in the sandbox at the beach and patiently wait for her death.  Of course, Grandma is not quite ready to die, but her time is coming.  She finally accepts her death in her own way and the Young man, who is the angel of death, sends her happily away.
Sure Thing – By David Ives - Directed by Nicole Cowan
           Sure Thing is a comedic fast paced play in which two young singles get the chance to nail that first impression  
repeatedly until they get it right by the tone of a bell signaling to ‘start again’. 1 male, 1 female, both age 20-30 

Tongue, Tied -  Directed by Laughing Waters Therrien       Tina and Tom have both had their lives taken over by irrepressible mitten puppets whom they cannot rid their hands or themselves of.  Or are they simply crazy?  In this play, we are present to witness their fateful first meeting in Dr. DeMarco's waiting room. 
 When Bad Things Happen In The Best Possible Way: a choreo-poem - Written and directed                              by Marshall Sonnenberg
 There are two characters: one adolescent male and one adolescent female. Each character represents the corresponding gender archetypes: the female, anima, the male, animus.
Their quest for a singular authentic voice is traversed through tandem poetry and body movement. They are self-aware people in front of an audience in a suspended time and place.
 Behold Tim's future
(Pics of Tim aged to come...)

 CR sent me my degree... 10 years later :)


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  1. I didn't even know Cr sent degrees- that's awesome. I still crack up whenever I log on to myCR and see that picture of you Moliere'ing it up.


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