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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Island LOVE.

Two of my very best friends in this world will be in here in six short weeks. I cannot wait!!! Being away from my dear friends Samantha and David is so hard, and I am SO excited to show them this amazing island!!! This post is dedicated to them. 

I recently found Alex in Wanderland's blog. She came to Hawaii a few months ago and posts some seriously great stuff. I'm being a little lazy sending you all to her blog, but really, I can't out do some of her fabulous posts of what this island has to offer. I highly recommend watching this video that she made:
One of the adventures I want to have when Samantha and David get here is the famous manta ray diving, and watching her video just makes me SO EXCITED.

I think that when if I ever move away from here, I will miss the outdoor markets the most. We visit one of the markets at least three times a week. It's always exciting because there are ALWAYS new fruits and veggies to try, and I love walking away with two bags full of fresh, island made produce for just a few dollars. 

For now, i want to leave you with a song that my friend Shellsea (also here on the Big Island) recently recorded. She's an amazing singer, and I'm SO in awe of her voice.

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