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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This past weekend we went out and tried Pescatore for the first time. My friend Paula suggested it and made sure that it would be open for Sunday brunch (because NOTHING is open in Hilo on Sundays). Apparently, Pescatore is sort of known FOR its Sunday brunch. It was packed. It looks sketchy from the outside, as most older buildings in downtown Hilo do, but inside it is lovely and very un-Hilo. 

Paula opted for the fruit and cream filled crepes. She said they were yummy.

Um, what? Pasta for $6? Very Hilo. Very cool.

I can't go somewhere new and not get the eggs benedict.  Oh wait, I did that at Pauls Place. Well, whatever, the benedict was good here, though next time I'd order it without the canadian bacon. Too salty.

Tim got strawberry pancakes, and they were, well... strawberry pancakes.

They brought us fresh bread and it was gooooood.



  1. CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT to come and hang and check out all your spots!! And the last photo ofcTim is great! Love you!

  2. Brunch is my JAM. And you can't beat those prices. Total score : )

  3. Your restaurant posts really make me want to come visit! We should probably get on that...


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