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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So every night when I go out to our shower (outside), I'm always greeted by the same creatures. And I've always wanted to post about my lil' friends. Though most people would scream and run for their lives if they saw the critters I'm about to talk about. Which I get. Some bugs and stuffs are gross. But I've never minded, and I even go as far as to rescue the ones that can't swim fast enough to get to safety. I'm weird, I know.

I took a picture of this flyer the other day at Garden Exchange. I love the part about how Puerto Ricans love them and consider them a bedtime melody. We have HUNDREDS of coqui's where we live. They really do sing us to sleep and I would be really sad if they weren't there. But I can ALWAYS count for at least 3 or 4 to hang out with me in the shower. They are freakin' adorable.

I know, SO GROSS. I even had a hard time looking at images of these. I DO NOT count these as one of my shower buddies. Fortunately, I have only seen one. And it was a baby. And it ran for dear life when I saw it. But I was scared. I read once that if you get stung by one of these dudes, it feels as bad as a gunshot wound. Ya, no thanks.

These little guys are EVERYWHERE. I see them all day every day. They love to hang above the shower door and when I open it, BAM! right onto my head. It always scares me. 


yep, they are also everywhere. And before you get all, "eeeeeeewww, gross, sick, blech!!!!" Let me tell you again: THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Even the cleanest, most pristine places that spray and spray and spray are affected by these guys. You just have to learn to live with them.

Once you get past the fact they they will never be gone, you can begin to appreciate their beauty.

Ya, that's right: beauty. They glisten and sparkle and have pretty little antennaes.
While we are able to keep them out of the yurt, we can't really do anything about the shower. I mean, it's and OUTSIDE shower. We're on their turf.
There's always at least five hangin' out with me when I hop in.


  1. Does your cat eat roaches? I think I would pass out if the cat brought in a frog...

  2. She will bat them around like toys if they so dare to come inside the yurt. However, the other day, we found a dead coqui frog that lulu had eaten the legs off of.

  3. SHE ATE THE LEGS?!?!?! Oh the cat-manity!


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