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Friday, February 1, 2013

The new Hawaiian Style Cafe

Tim LOVES himself a plate lunch. Like, loves it. And I, not so much. But since Tim humors me and comes with me to Pho Viet 4 days a week (best pho ever), sometimes I gotta give a little. This week we tried the new Hawaiian Style Cafe that just opened on Monono street. They have a location in Waimea that's super popular, but I've never tried.

Inside was HUGE. 

Tim had a plate lunch (duh) of Kahlua pork cabbage and korean chicken. 

I had the fish and chips.

I would maybe come back here for breakfast but not lunch. I felt so heavy afterward and just blech from the grease. And really, with Pho Viet being open six days a week why would you go anywhere else? I mean, really.

On a totally different note, lawmakers are making it so celebs in Hawaii can sue if y'all take their pictures on the beach. So you all can stop stalking me now, k? I WILL SUE YOU. (I do realize that I am not a celebrity, and I won't sue you.)

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  1. OMG I love plate lunch! There is something awesome about having your food dished out with an ice cream scoop. We always split it though, way too much food.


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