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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flora and Fauna

Tim is still out, but hopefully by the time he gets back, our new front deck will be done. It's twice as big and covered.

I think our mosquito population is also going to reach 7 billion this month. Out back is terrible, but I really wanted some pictures of all the beautiful flowers blooming.

Our chicken has been laying eggs under the house. (I call her 'ours' now because I found out she's not the neighbors chicken and she won't leave, so...) Very excited for fresh eggs.


Our compost pile is producing tomatoes.

 Draining the pond in hopes the mosquitoes won't be so severe.


  1. That deck is awesome! Is the landlord building it for you?

  2. Ya, it's done now... I should take a new picture. It's pretty awesome, I want to build a Tiki bar!


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