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Thursday, November 10, 2011

24 hours

24 hours is all I got!!!! (But I may get more)
Tim came home Monday after being out for 26 days. He came back to the Big Island super early Tuesday and was called back to Oahu Wednesday morning. Hopefully he'll just debrief and come back, at least for the weekend.

Here are some pictures he took, although I'm not quite sure what everything is:


Very cramped bunk

Fish bait

Dinner for the night

Honolulu Harbor

Tim said there were really were screws in here


  1. Lolz at screw bag. That should not be funny at all but it really made me laugh out loud. Then again, I just posted a picture of myself holding a squash like a penis. Do they eat fish every night? Does he really sleep on that boat?

  2. Who you callin a Screwbag?! Screw you, you Screwbag!

  3. lol, where else would he sleep? They're out for over a month at a time. I think they eat fish almost every night... he learned he does not like Ahi.

  4. I guess that was a poorly worded question. =) I meant, "does he really sleep on that bed?"


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