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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home again

Hello everyone, I'm back again after two days of hard office work in Honolulu.  Even though I'm back Nicole still has to work but she put me in charge of finishing this post. 

The first night I was home Nicole served up these homemade pot-stickers. These yummy snacks were filled with shrimp and veggies and fried to fatten me up for my next trip.  I had been eating a lot of shrimp and fish on the fishing boat but Nicole's dinner was still a welcomed change.

Saturday morning I wanted to go to Hilo for the farmers market so we got up extra early, like 9, to get started.  Nicole is making me do an early morning  photo shoot with her before we went out for the day.

I knew it was going to be a bit chilly so I wore a long sleeve shirt but Nicole decided on jeans.  She spent the morning pulling up her jeans so they wouldn't get wet while walking down the flooded pathways in the farmers market.  I however enjoyed walking straight through the deepest parts.  I thought the farmers market was really cool that day.  The constant rain brought everyone under the dripping tents and the dim lighting made for a surreal atmosphere.

That's me standing in some water in the less crowded souvenir part of the market

I bought a thing of sticky rice to try, there like .50 cents.  It's like this sweet goo they steam in taro leaves and I'm not even sure if there's rice in there.  I think they taste pretty good and they remind me of something that I can't quite place. Nicole could not be convinced to try this.
Frozen at 1:04 in the morning, I think.
After the market we went to try to get pupu's but the bar food didn't start till the bar opened.  So we had to settle for a fish sandwich instead.  Across the street from the restaurant was this memorial clock that had been set up in memory of a tsunami that had swept through this area taking many lives.  The clock had apparently froze when this tsunami hit it and the people recovered it after the flood and set up as a reminder
Reading some plaques.

We had planned on going over to Kona and then to her parent's house to cook dinner, but we had been wandering around the market far longer than we thought.  So we postponed our Kona trip and headed over to get cooking.

Along the way there are plenty of cows to moo at.  Pulling over and doing so will cause you to get a lot of stares from cows and some will even wander over to see what is wrong with you.

Horses don't like it as much as cows

After dinner we returned home with a couple rented movies and hung out for the night.  Nicole scored this awesome lei she was given when she started work.  I very much enjoy wearing this large and very fuzzy lei around the house.
On Sunday we went to the Pahoa farmers market.  This market is much more lively than the Hilo market.  They usually have people making music and lots of food.  Plus a lot of arts and crafts, jewelry, some fruit and veggie stands, and a bunch of plant stands.
Small selection of their fruits.
After the farmers market we sped home and dropped off some things we bought at the market and then headed to the other side of the island.  Along the way, some where around Captain Cook, there is the best fruit stand I have ever found, and I love fruit.  So here they have just about everything

you can find on the island.  

There are many plants that make some sort of less popular fruit and these fruits show up randomly in the markets.
Good advice.
This place used to let people take tours of the garden, which I'm sure is probably amazing.  But too many people have gone through their garden and have disrespected it and now no one can go through.

They will also sell you the best 100% Hawaiian coffee. 
Photo shoot at the fruit stand.

Yummy white guava
I picket up a weird looking lime, a purple lilikoi, a bag of dried jackfruit (flavors juicy fruit gum), coffee, a white guava fruit, and some  sort of Japanese tomatoes.
The purple lilikoi is actually quite good

One of the many large spiders at the fruit place.  Some sort of golden orb spider would be my guess.

The fruit stand has a beautiful place to go and chow down on your recent purchase.  Nicole found many of the plants quite lovely.

Isn't this one awesome.

Sunset on our way home


  1. More Tim posts!!! =)

    You guys should try every type of fruit they have on the island!


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