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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haley's Visit!!!

Haley is my first Big Island visitor! It's really nice to see a familiar face, especially while Tim is still out.
BTW, no word yet about how his trip is going or when he'll be back :(
< 3 weeks though!

Hawi, a very cute town way up on the North part of the island. We found this great band playing in front of the ice cream store.

I told Haley to look like a tourist, so she did the classic shaka. This picture's great because you can see Maui in the background which is only 30 miles away.

Visiting the breathtaking Pu'ukohola Heiau, one of the last sacred structures on the islands, built by Kamehameha the Great in the early 1700's to prove a prophecy that he would unite all of the Hawaiian islands, which he did.


I took Haley to the open air market in Hilo and she bought a fresh coconut from this guy who chops it up for you by machete.

Eh? Is it good??


Kohio beach, one I haven't been to yet but was great because apparently it's sea turtle nesting time and I literally almost tripped over one.


My new favorite spot on the island: Kokonutz Grill in Kona. The bar has amazing views of the beach on Ali'i drive. Best Happy Hour EVER! $1 tacos, and $2.50 Ahi tacos, plus the most friendly hippy-chic bartender who likes to make your drink by asking, "pick a color!"

I may have gotten a little stuck in my own driveway. It's not my fault, there's lava ditches everywhere!!! Haley looked up on her iphone how to get out of a ditch. Rocks under the tires. I conveniently got stuck right next to a pile of gravel my landlords ordered and was able to borrow a shovel.

Success!! Got the car out and was off to new adventures.
Having Haley here was AWESOME, now... who's next???


  1. Oh you guys! These pictures make me happy. These pictures make me sad. I SO want to be next.

  2. You should invite anon and whoever visits you will be a surprise. But I'm guessing it's April? I think it's hilarious that Hailey is carrying everything in all the pictures. =) Also, I like that shirt.


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