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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


And just like that... he's gone!
We expected Tim would be back here on the Big Island till at least Friday, but he got the call Tuesday evening to go back. He flew to Oahu Tuesday night after only being back for a little over 3 days.

The bright side is this is Boat #1 out of #4 of his contract so if he decides he doesn't like it, it's only a few more months.

He'll be on a Vietnamese boat (for sure) for this first trip, and he's already texted me that the crew attaches flowers to the front of the boat before departing. I like that.

Before we knew he would be leaving so much earlier than expected, we were at least able to have a great couple of days back to the normal life... whatever that is.

Ever since Tim came home, I've been very domestic, cooking around the clock. I realized that Tim is still the better cook because he had to rescue me from this Cinnamon Roll recipe, as I obviously did not add enough flour and pretty much realized I had no idea what I was doing half way thru. 

I saved the day however, by re-creating this coconut-ginger fried prawn recipe that I saw out of the corner of my eye on that new show "The Chew". This turned out AMAZING!!! So yummy and easy, and I don't even like coconut.

Sunday night, I perfected our weekend together by falling off the step stool in our outside bathroom and twisting my ankle pretty badly.  Tim, thankfully, used his first aid skills and wrapped me up. I'll spare you all of the purple yellowish bruises that developed the day after. 

Lets all think really good thoughts about Tim being safe out there during his first voyage. We'll all pray for a VERY safe return.


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