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Friday, December 2, 2011

Till we meet again.

Tim left last night for Oahu, and is leaving tomorrow to go out again for his second trip. I'm crossing my fingers he'll be back for Christmas.

His taxi from the airport was... a limo?

We were talking about how much we miss Los Bagels, and this was Tim's lunch today. SO JEALOUS. Where can I find fresh lox here?? No one eats it... unless you're in Oahu apparently.


  1. Do they ever tell him when he gets to come back or is it random? DANG I miss fish...

    Are you guys mixing your own potmac yet? =)

  2. Potato salad mixed with macaroni salad. Gross + gross = grosser

  3. oh, haha, ya everyone here eats that... Tim likes it, but I think it's foul.


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