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Monday, December 10, 2012


I know I post about Hilo Coffee Mill ALL the time, but it's worth re-posting about over and over. I can't say enough how much we love this place. It's heaven. Coffee and chickens and baby chickens and eggs and pancakes and coffee and baby chickens and happiness and have I mentioned baby chickens???! Cuz they ALWAYS have baby chickens... everywhere! As soon as you park and open the door all you hear is "tweet tweet tweet". Those are some majorly happy chickens. AND we met the mother chicken lady who takes care of the 200 chickens... she came out and they all flocked to her and she speaks to them like babies. SO STINKIN' CUTE.

Saturday's are the best time to go. They have their very small farmers market, but offer fresh outdoor breakfasts. Super cheap, all organic, and it always includes fresh eggs from that very morning!

Super creepy chicken monkey. (I made up the chicken part)

Hamakua mushroom heaven.

BABY CHICKENS!!!!!! tweet tweet tweet tweet

And, just for a fun throwback... here is the very first picture I ever took of Tim. And that's Haley, mid-jello shot. Nice.

Oh, P.S. last night we rescued a rooster, and now we regret it big time.

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  1. So much awesome in this post. Vintage Tim. Happy Hailey. Breakfast that makes us want to come visit...


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